io is a modular vase that adapts to your floral needs. No matter if flowers, bouquets or twigs, thanks to the attachments the "io" vase can be easily adapted in size, shape and hight. Due to the different glass colors, new and exciting color combinations are always created. Finally a vase that adapts to all your floral needs.

Modular vase


UNNA is a modular storage unit characterized by its simple, open, and light structure. It easily fits into the living, working or sleeping area and can be used as a bookshelf, room divider, sideboard, lowboard, or as a bedside table. The UNNA shelf offers plenty of storage space for books, folders, decoration, or personal items. With its purposeful lines, it adds a pleasant calmness without overcrowding the living space.



"Candy cane" is a sculptural, but also functional hook.
It can be easily arranged on the wall in different playful arrangements.
It is available in different colors and brings a cheerful atmosphere to any room. Whether in the entrance, kitchen, bathroom or guest room,

the wall hook is truly versatile.
The installation is very simple: the hook is simply attached to the wall with a screw. Thus, the hook can be quickly and easily installed and provides a convenient place to hang jackets, bags or other items.


Candy cane 

Rapid Prototyping meets craftsmanship. 3D printers have long since become an essential part of the design process - to reproduce digital ideas in detail and exactly. But what happens if you take the printer's production capabilities to the limit and leave part of the design to the printer? WAX is a series of candle objects whose surfaces show the history of a digital handcrafted manufacturing process. The shape of the candles is created in a CAD program and then printed with a plastic filament.The candle itself is made of 100% rapeseed wax Made in Germany.

In collaboration with Christina Radermacher.



The four lamp heads can be easily repositioned depending on the situation, thanks to the magnets in the custom-fit socket it is possible to easily move, relocate and rotate the compact light units on the support rod. The lampshades, made of aluminum, accommodate the dimmable LED unit and a softlight diffuser made of satin acrylic glass. The long cables not only allow flexible positioning, but are also a graphic recognition feature.
Magnet can be the starting point for a diverse product family due to its simple construction.

In collaboration with Christina Radermacher.

Pendant light


Ox is a sidetable made from ash with a table top that doubles as a removable tray. Once the tray is removed the three crossed legs are easily folded together. Thanks to its light weight, timeless design, and easy assembly, the OX-table fits nicely into any room of the house or apartment.

Foldable sidetable


The 'hanging gardens' light bridges the indoor with the outdoors, bringing nature into your home as if you were sitting in a conservatory. During winter the lamp can do more than illuminate your rooms; using LED-plantlights will make sure your plants stay healthy and continue to grow throughout the darker months of the year.

Flower lamp


OLA is a modular lighting system, which gives the costumer the feeling of participating in the design process. Thanks to the modular system, the customer can design their lamp according to preference, mood, and budget. This is made possible by an intuitive online configurator. The different modules are designed in such way, that they can be combined with one another. The individual modules are also available in a variety of materials and colors.

There is something for every taste, from a simple kitchen light to a bright eyecatcher, everything is possible!

Modular lamp